D WIPES produces premium wet wipes, disinfectants and liquid solutions for professional and regular use in healthcare, industry, and households. Besides producing own brands  Septoclenium disinfectant wipes and Clenium cleaning products for computers, it also produces more than 90 private labels. Almost all its products are made for foreign markets, with 80 % of the production exported to Germany. During the production process D WIPES places great emphasis on quality control, innovation and the environment.

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The company’s production plant is based in Prague.

Operating multiple shifts, it produces more than two million wet wipes a year.

Own brand

The established, traditional and successful Clenium and Septoclenium brands represent the best of what D WIPES produces.


Distribution of top-quality aerosols in accordance with the applicable European legislation for various uses in healthcare, many branches of industry, offices and homes.

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